33 CAMP STREET, QUEENSTOWN. T: 0800 749 927
7 DAYS A WEEK - 12PM - 4AM


Fat Badgers Pizza was a small idea about big pizzas which popped into the heads of two brothers in Queenstown, 5 years ago. From working in pizzerias in America and getting a taste for flaring and the importance of fresh dough, the boys wanted to create a pizza which used only fresh, never processed, ingredients. A pizza which put smiles on the faces of everyone who beheld it, a pizza for families, friends, lovers and the dedicated individual. With the younger brother’s nickname being ‘Badger’, and with the help of another close friend, and long hard weeks of pizza tasting….. FAT BADGERS PIZZA was born.

After starting very small in the back of a bar, the Badger boys quickly out-grew their little kitchen. They then moved to a bigger site and a year later realised the demand for these pizzas had grown even bigger! More and more people came to see the Badger boys flare these huge disks of dough, smother them with the ‘secret family tomato sauce recipe’, and place only the freshest toppings upon them with love and care. The next step was to open a place that people could sit down and enjoy these 20″ giants with their favourite drinks. A place with big smiles all round from the excellent service team, great music played live, and a place filled with passion and creativity.

Fat Badgers has taken traditional thin crust, New York style pizza and created their own brand of a dining experience. It melds gourmet toppings with traditional simplicity, and like we have said before, “we only do it fresh”.

We also have a full menu of sides and sharing plates and smaller pizza for the faint hearted. Fat Badgers pizza “BEER.. PIZZA …and all that lies between”.

See you soon